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Durham Masters Lacrosse League - SummerLacrosse ProgramSchedule2018
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  Date Arena# GAME1@7PM GAME2@8PM  
  Monday April 23 Pad 4 BLUEvGOLD REDvGREY  
  Monday April 30 Pad 4 GOLDvGREY BLUEvRED  
  Monday May 7 Pad 4 BLUEVGREY REDvGOLD FatherSonDaughterGame
  Monday May 14 Pad 4 REDvGREY BLUEvGOLD  
  **Tuesday May 22** Pad 3 BLUEvRED GOLDvGREY  
  Monday May 28 Pad 4 REDvGOLD BLUEVGREY  
  Monday June 4 Pad 4 BLUEvGOLD REDvGREY  
  Monday June 11 Pad 4 GOLDvGREY BLUEvRED  
  Monday June 18 Pad 4 BLUEVGREY REDvGOLD  
  Monday June 25 Pad 4 REDvGREY BLUEvGOLD  
  Monday July 2 Pad 3 BLUEvRED GOLDvGREY  
  Playoffs   GAME1@7PM GAME2@8PM  
  Monday July 9 Pad 3 GREYvGOLD BLUEvRED Playoffs
  Monday July 16 Pad 3 GREYvRED BLUEvGOLD  Playoffs
  Monday July 23 Pad 3 REDvGOLD  GREYvBLUE Playoffs
  ChampionshipFinals   RustBowl GoldFinal  
  Monday July 30 Pad 3 3RDv4TH  1STv2ND ChampionshipFinals